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Company profile

    Hainan Sanya Wan Tai tourism car rental Co, Ltd, with "customer first" as the survival of the book, let customers experience the real convenience and benefits. Anhui's car rental company by the Hainan Province Administration of industry and commerce registration in accordance with the law, the company has a group of experienced management personnel and skilled drivers, strict management system standard service system in the car rental service company, is a professional car rental company, Anhui's car rental mainly to the social from all walks of life the car needs of individuals, enterprises and institutions, tourism companies as clients and various modes of leasing for customers to choose, including daily, monthly, meeting; car rental, airport pick-up, travel car, car driving on behalf of other home services.
  The company has excellent management personnel and has a driving skilled professional team, the company has various types of cars, luxury cars, vehicles equipped with GPS navigation, the other in the hotel reservations, attractions tickets booking and booking tickets, to provide good service to the community.
  Since its establishment, the company has been conscientiously, responsible and active in serving friends from all over the world. The company's credibility is reliable, to a greater extent, to facilitate customers and affordable customers, all self driving vehicles add new door-to-door services. Meanwhile, all employees of the company will be honored to become new friends in your life and business rentals, hoping to win more satisfaction with our efforts.
  The company is a regular legal institution approved by the industrial and commercial departments and registered and registered. We are committed to building a bigger car rental company. It's a professional car rental company based on domestic businesses, Chinese and foreign guests, Hong Kong, Macao and Shanghai compatriots. In line with the business philosophy of "honesty first" and "customer first", you can only send a phone call to our company. Our company can send your car to your door and serve you home, with simple procedures, no guarantee and punctual service, which brings you joy and satisfaction.
  The company provided many kinds of long monthly rental packages to meet the rental needs of different types of customers, providing a convenient and fast car rental channel, adding "Ben Ben" to avoid many troubles such as high cost of car maintenance and low utilization rate, and fully enjoy the natural drive of self driving.