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Why is your car getting higher and higher? Which driving habits are related to?

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  Why does the fuel consumption of the 100 kilometers on her dashboard show up recently? Compared with the 8.8L 100 km fuel consumption when buying the car, the data has reached 10.1L now, and the automobile power is not so good. It doesn't feel smooth. Why is this?
  In fact, a careful car owner will find that after a few years of car buying, the consumption of 100 kilometers of fuel on the dashboard will slowly climb, especially when it reaches four or five years. Why does this happen? Does this have anything to do with the usual driving habits? Let's look for it together. What's the trouble of eating out our gasoline?
  First of all, ignition system problem
  A few years after a car has been opened, the engine fuel consumption is likely to be related to the problem of the ignition system. Spark plugs and nozzle are important parts of the ignition system. The nozzle is mixed with combustible gas, and the spark plug ignites the mixture through high pressure electric fire.
  If the spark plug is damaged, the ignition energy will be greatly reduced, the combustion of the mixture will be uneven and incomplete, and the fuel injector will also encounter problems such as oil quality or carbon deposition inside the cylinder, which will not work properly, resulting in slower vehicle speed and higher fuel consumption.
  In general, ordinary spark plug life only 3-5 million kilometers, iridium spark plug life is about 5-8 million kilometers, 100 thousand kilometers to the platinum spark plug life, therefore, all female car mainly according to the use of the spark plug type change on time.
  Second, the problem of engine carbon deposition
  With the increase of vehicle service life, carbon deposition in the engine will occur. Especially, the driving speed of female drivers is usually low, which is more likely to generate carbon deposition and excessive carbon accumulation, which will affect the running conditions and fuel consumption of automobiles.
  When the vehicle age is relatively high, not only will there be carbon blockage in the nozzle, it will also cause fuel instability into the combustion chamber, atomization and combustion efficiency. When the driver feels the power of the vehicle falls, more and more meat, it will step on the oil, and the fuel consumption is increased in the invisible.
  In addition, in the short term due to excessive carbon deposition engine, probably using the wrong oil, after the more vulnerable in the long drive vehicle will return or lend to others.
  Long distance driving will definitely add fuel all over the country. Even the same label fuel has different quality all over the place, so it is likely to misuse the unsuitable oil products, and it will be more difficult to control the quality of the added products if they are used by others.
  Third. Improper selection of oil
  For the selection of oil concentration, Maomao is a deep experience. Soon after the driving time, catching up with the rise of Internet car maintenance, I bought a barrel of 5W-40 shell oil on the East, so that the Internet maintenance maintenance teacher came to do a small maintenance. In the next two weeks, it was suddenly found that the car's oil consumption rose from 6.8 liters to 8.5 litres.
  Start and don't think of the oil, just think how the car has recently spent oil, is it summer, air conditioning leads to oil consumption? But in the past, there was a few oil consumption rising in the past year.
  All of a sudden, one day, the MaoMi was sitting on the car and thought about it. It might be the problem of the oil. Not a long time, then go to the 4S shop for the 0W-20 oil, oil consumption will be happy down.
  In fact, the choice of oil is not appropriate, not only the rise of oil consumption, if it is in winter, the engine may not cause the jitter, no force and other problems.
  With the continuous progress of precision technology of automobile engine, many Japanese and Korean car manufacturers are recommended concentration of labeled 0W-20 oil, even like Land Rover brand, engine cover naked printed recommend the use of "Castrol 0W-20" oil.
  Fourth, oxygen sensor failure
  Many people do not know much about the oxygen sensor, which is located in the engine exhaust pipe of a ceramic element, used to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust pipe, and to the ECU driving computer sends out the feedback signal, and then controlled by the ECU increase and decrease of injection quantity, the air fuel mixture to ratio. The control value in the vicinity of the ideal.
  When the vehicle is used for a long time, the sensitivity of the oxygen sensor will decrease. The information of the oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe can not be obtained by the electronic fuel injection system, and the concentration of the mixed gas in the engine will tend to be high, which will increase fuel consumption.
  So it is necessary to check the status of oxygen sensors regularly, and usually need to be replaced at the time of 8 to 110 thousand kilometers.
  Fifth. Low tire pressure / abnormal tire wear
  As you know, when driving in the desert, the tire pressure needs to be lowered to increase friction, but if you drive on a city road, you can't get the tire out of the air.
  The lower tire pressure will increase the contact area with the ground, which will not only cause the increase of oil consumption, but also cause damage to the tire wall, and the high speed driving has the hidden trouble of the tire. Normal fetal pressure is around 2.5bar, and 0.1bar can be reduced in summer. Some models will be under the door B column, indicating the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure value, and can also be inflated with reference to this value.
  If the tire is badly worn, the fuel consumption will also increase. After every 50 thousand kilometre, the surface of the tire must be checked, and the longest is not more than 80 thousand kilometers. The abnormal wear of the tire, the key to check the suspension mechanical part, abnormal wear indicates that the tire surface stress is not normal, oil consumption is unavoidable.
  It is easy to ignore the girl's sex driver who is only concerned about driving, not much concerned with the condition of the vehicle.

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