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  There are a lot of car rental companies in the market, and their operating forms, renting cars and service contents are different. Some companies offer medium and high-grade cars within one year, and some are used for leasing by idle vehicles.
  Before the car rental, we must first understand the car rental car model, car conditions, to determine whether it is for yourself.
  Then, consult the families of the lease form, rent and the required documents, deposit, and so on.
  The documents required for renting a car generally include ID card, account book and driver's license, and the rent is usually pre paid, not deducted from the deposit.
  When signing a lease contract, we should pay attention to the following points:
  1. To understand the daily limit of the car and the billing standard after the limit. The average mileage of a medium-sized passenger car should be within 150 kilometers, but there are many leasing companies that are not limited to kilometers. You can weigh and compare their respective conditions according to the situation (vehicle condition, rent, service items, etc.).
  Two, in order to prevent emergency vehicles can also timely, also should be careful about any rules and lease timeout billing rules, between objection so afterwards and leasing companies.
  Three. A careful understanding of the commitment of the leasing company to fully enjoy the rights that are deserved.
  The last item four, signed the contract is to fill in the inspection list, it is common to both the process of determination condition. This process involves the re identification of the car, so we must take it seriously. First of all, we should check the vehicle from the appearance, such as whether the car body is scratched, the car lights are complete, and the car locks are normal. Then open the car cover and check the condition of refrigerating liquid, oil and battery. After no exception, you can enter the driver's cab, check the operation status of the oil meter, brake and air conditioner, and test the driving to determine the basic state of the vehicle. The special functions and usage of some models should be consulted clearly to the leasing company, such as the children's lock function of Fukang car, so as to make it more convenient to use.

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