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Common problem

Some common misunderstandings of car renting

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  1, night light is more strong driving safety; light irradiation angle error, the bigger the better, the higher the bright lights up more dangerous.
  2, often use large throttle on the engine is not good; wrong, engine speed on the gear often mentioned more than 4000, not only harmless, but also has certain advantages for the engine, often air pedal or long time at high speed on the engine is not good.
  3, customary clutch is a way to reduce the trouble. Wrong, customary clutch is not only bad for the machine, but more trouble, and more importantly, is not safe.
  4, when driving, locking the central door is a safe way. Mistake is a very dangerous method. When an automobile accident occurs, it will not open the door, so the risk rate will further improve. To avoid thieves snatching the goods in the car, it is better to lock the central door when the traffic is blocked or when the traffic lights are waiting.
  5, used only after parking the parking brake; errors in the parking ground uneven not only to pull the handbrake to hang on the gear, this is the best way to prevent the car due to uneven pavement and decline.
  6, if a two-way road runs, it will be safest if there are two ways to drive the dashed line. The mistake is the easiest accident, because no matter what the driving vehicle is, it can't tell you what you want to do.
  7, when driving at a high speed, it is the safest to clutch on the side and to brake on the side. The mistake is not to clutch the clutch. No matter what circumstances, clutch running will increase the inertia of the vehicle. The gear should be lowered and then on the brakes.
  The ABS system with the 8, after the car is in order to shorten the braking distance; ABS error, the biggest advantage is to shorten the braking distance but to prevent tire locking, therefore, even if the encounter special circumstances will brake die, the steering wheel can also control the direction of the car, to the buffer after the emergency brake braking distance is the key to ABS the.
  9, when encountering other drivers who are not proficient or violators, they should be prompted by trumpets or headlights. Mistakes should be kept away from him as soon as possible. Prompt him or horn will only increase his nervousness and make him more difficult to control the car.
  10, or turn and road should look at the mirror; error, should first look back off to see the mirror, because sometimes the mirror adjusting well there will be dead, in addition, turn lights open will make the probability of near their vehicle speed increase or slow down, completely correct judgment not only from the mirror.

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