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How to rent a car more fuel?

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  1, plan the road of driving. As far as possible, as little as possible, to shorten the interval of driving, and choose to travel on a better road. To avoid blocking the road, the engine's long - term idle speed or low speed work spoil fuel oil. 5 minutes at idle speed is roughly equivalent to the amount of fuel that the car travels about one kilometre.
  2, the rational use of air conditioning. The rational use of air conditioning can also reduce fuel consumption. When the temperature is suitable for spring or autumn, when the speed is less than 60 kilometers per hour, it will be able to open windows and ventilate without air conditioning, maybe only using the function of air conditioning ventilation, instead of its refrigeration function, so the air conditioning compressor will not work, and then save oil. But at the speed of more than 90 kilometers, it does not advocate opening the window, because the air resistance is very large at the moment, but the air conditioning is more oil saving.
  Harnessed habits:
  1, steep speed. Prevent the rapid start, quickly change the high-speed gear.
  2, prevent the engine from working at idle speed for a long time. If you want to wait for a long time and not in a busy area, the best closed engine will start again later.
  3, prevent the engine from dragging or overspeed. According to the road conditions, select the appropriate gear.
  4, adhere to the appropriate speed. Camry's economy is around 90Km/h at a time. When the car runs at an economic speed, it is the most economical. No matter how high or too low the speed is, it is bad for the oil saving. When the speed is low, the motion speed of the piston is low and the incineration is incomplete. When the speed is high, the intake speed is added to add the intake resistance, which all add to the fuel consumption.
  5, prevent continuous acceleration and deceleration. The harnessing method of stopping and walking spoil fuel oil.
  6, prevent the parking and braking. Stick to a steady speed. Cooperative traffic signal

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