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What are the necessary common sense for the needs of the holiday season?

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  1. best choose a person who knows the basic repair skills of the vehicle. Before the departure of the vehicle inspection, is not oil leakage, lack of water and so on. The best of two cars or more, once the incident can be taken care of each other.
  2. unfamiliar with the road conditions, it is easy to get out of the matter. Don't wait for the oil out of the oil and gas, running half, see the gas station at any time, don't be afraid of trouble. If you run far and away from the road, the best preparation of 1-2 carrying safe iron barrels of gasoline.
  The selection of 3. vehicles should also be noteworthy. If the road is in a bad way, it's best to change to an off-road vehicle. It is advocated that if we want to open Cherokee to cross country, if we know that the road condition is extremely bad, we can change 4 coarse grained tires to enhance the function of land grabbing.
  4. self driving Tour field should also be essential items, trailer rope robust 2 (or buy a tow bar); spare 1; repair: Jack, rapid mending agent, pliers, sheet metal, snow days need preparation of antifreeze, anti-skid chain; local map.
  5. carry on toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning disinfection chopsticks, knife, tea (drink more than any thirst and fatigue) and other daily necessities, as well as AIDS, berberine, eye drops, first-aid kit (hemostatic bag, ribbon, gauze and other medical supplies etc.)!

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